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Our revolutionary new NxtGn technology creates robust, switchless, scalable, high density, high performance worldwide networks that give our clients proprietary and sustainable competitive advantages in efficiency, stability, security, flexibility, and cost...

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NxtGn Video

Our proprietary new video platform, featuring Avyda™ Powered by Telarix, delivers high-definition video services, including video calling, telepresence, teleconferencing, video mail, and combined video and audio only conference services on wired and wireless networks at low fixed costs and low per-minute rates.

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WiMAX, LTE and Other 4G Services

NxtGn platform solutions allow PTTs and other incumbent or emerging carriers to develop and deploy OFDMA WiMAX and other 4G Network applications and services at a fraction of the infrastructure development, capital expenditures, and other startup costs associated with other solutions.

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Improve Network Security and Profitability

Improve Network Security and Profitability

For PTTs, telcos, and other fixed and mobile operators working in even the most challenging telephony operating environments, our proprietary network design and software helps our clients recapture lost revenues by identifying and eliminating bypass structures and other system vulnerabilities.

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Clients and Partners

Clients and Partners

See NxtGn's clients, technology partners,
and remittances partners

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We Do It

Watch Cisco’s video on NxtGn technology and the remarkable results achieved by our client Next Communications.

Our Partner Cisco

NxtGn is a Cisco partner. To read Cisco’s comments on NxtGn technology and the remarkable results achieved by NxtGn’s client Next Communications, click here.

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We research, develop, build, sell or license, and support telecommunications software, equipment, solutions and services for PTTs, telcos, network operators, businesses, enterprises, and other end users throughout the world.

Our elegant, efficient solutions allow our clients to create, control, operate, and manage highly-profitable, highest-quality audio, video, and data platforms in wired and wireless networks.

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