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As a member of CCA's Regulatory and Government Affairs Committee, you can help bring about positive change.

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We’ve worked hard for our members, advocating on their behalf to bring about meaningful change to them and their businesses.


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Why Join the Regulatory and Government Affairs Group?

Access invaluable resources and activities that help affect global change, such as:
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Regular updates for Awareness

  • Communications industry newsletters
  • Webinars delivered by experts and officials
  • Bulletins on breaking news and deadlines
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Resources to take Action

  • Guidebooks on US, UK, EU, and Canada France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland regulatory frameworks 
  • Comprehensive STIR/SHAKEN playbook 
  • E911 compliance requirements updates
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Opportunities for Advocacy

  • Task forces for shaping worldwide government affairs
  • Projects that help shape the industry
  • The opportunity to promote a more equitable regulatory fees

Member Advocacy Wins

Below is just one example of how our advocacy has yielded tangible results for our members.
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The Problem

The FCC attempted to block all U.S. numbers from calling overseas.
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The Action

The CCA Regulatory and Government Affairs group advocated for an extension for voice service providers that weren’t eligible to obtain an overseas calling certificate.
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The Result

The FCC acknowledged our concerns and granted an extension for voice service providers to obtain the required certificates.
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