CCA Responds to California Public Utilities

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering rules that would extend its regulatory influence over VoIP providers. To that end, the CPUC ordered the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) to submit responses to a series of questions which will outline the differences between “fixed,” “nomadic,” “hybrid,” and other “flavors” of VoIP services. More than fifteen parties submitted responses, which can be viewed in the CPUC’s docket here.

In response to this order, the CCA, under the guidance of attorney Jonathan Marashlian of the CommLaw Group, and with the collaboration of several CCA Service Provider members, has submitted a comprehensive filing to the CPUC’s proceedings.

In addition to the information on different VoIP services, the CCA's filing also addresses potential regulatory concerns, including public safety, privacy, and accessibility. The CCA stresses the importance of a balanced regulatory approach that considers the rapidly evolving nature of the telecommunications landscape, encourages innovation, and fosters a competitive environment.

The Cloud Communications Alliance is committed to working closely with the CPUC throughout this process, providing further clarification and expert insights as needed. The CCA is dedicated to promoting awareness, adoption, and understanding of VoIP communications services and their underlying technologies and will continue to work closely with regulators and other stakeholders in the service of its members and the telecommunications industry at large.

Cloud Communications Alliance

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