HomeWAV Partners with Laclede County Sheriff's Office to Enhance Inmate Communications

New collaboration transforms technology solutions for correctional facility

LEBANON, MO - December 11, 2023 - HomeWAV, the leader in providing simple, secure inmate communication solutions, proudly announces its recent partnership with Laclede County Sheriff's Office. This collaboration marks a transformative step forward in inmate communication and facility technology with the implementation of HomeWAV's all-in-one solution, including voice calls, video visitation, messaging, and tablets for Laclede County’s correctional facility.

With this new partnership, Laclede County Sheriff's Office has significantly enhanced inmate communication and technology solutions by deploying 13 HomePAS™ (Protected Access System) kiosks and 130 ComPAS™ (Portable Access System) tablets, completing installation on November 22. With a maximum capacity of 150 beds and an average daily inmate population of 117, this partnership ensures improved communication and access to technology to connect communities.

Laclede County Jail Captain Jack Stone expressed the Office's rationale behind selecting HomeWAV over other providers, stating, "When looking for a new detainee phone provider, we were looking for a company with great customer service and the ability to stay relevant with technology. We did a lot of research and all their current customers were very pleased with the service they were receiving from HomeWAV.”

HomeWAV's dedication to innovation played a pivotal role during the evaluation process, with Stone noting, "We were particularly pleased with their presentation, which not only covered their current services but also outlined future plans for technology and services in our jail."

In addition to offering voice, video visitation, messaging, and tablet services, HomeWAV prioritizes secure technology for both inmates and facility staff, emphasizing inmate well-being through innovative educational resources such as eBooks. Recognizing the importance of mental health and rehabilitation, HomeWAV extends its commitment beyond traditional communication, empowering inmates with educational materials for personal growth and skills development. By fostering positive change, HomeWAV seeks to create a forward-thinking environment, preparing incarcerated individuals for a successful life post-release.

Reflecting on the partnership, HomeWAV Director of Strategic Accounts Jim DiCenso expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Laclede County Sheriff's Office and contribute to enhancing inmate communication within the facility. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and staying at the forefront of technology aligns seamlessly with the Office's objectives, and we anticipate a successful and enduring partnership."

Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap emphasized the significance of the new partnership, stating, "We are really pleased to partner with a company that has a vision for the future, but most importantly values their customers, and HomeWAV is that type of company."

The implementation of HomeWAV's comprehensive communication solutions represents a significant leap forward in modernizing inmate communication at Laclede County Sheriff's Office, creating a secure, efficient, and technologically advanced environment for both inmates and facility staff.

About HomeWAV

Founded in 2011, HomeWAV LLC has remained the industry leader in providing simple, secure inmate communication and technology solutions to correctional facilities across the country. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, our all-in-one patented platform is the first of its kind to satisfy the growing demands in the correctional industry. Through our organizational pillars of Integrity, Innovation, and Impact, we are disrupting the industry standard by leading with fairness and developing transformative technology while keeping facilities safe and communities connected. For more information, visit HomeWAV at www.homewav.com and on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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