Oracle Helps Organizations Personalize the Customer Experience

New innovations within Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite help organizations create consistent and personalized experiences across all channels and devices


To help organizations deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience across all channels, touch points and interactions, Oracle today introduced a series of new innovations within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite. The latest additions help organizations embrace modern customer experience best practices across sales, commerce, customer service and marketing through enhancements to Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud.
Extending Oracle’s commitment to providing sales teams with the modern processes, tools, resources and intelligence required to increase revenues, Oracle Sales Cloud now includes new mobile capabilities. A new Call Report app improves mobile productivity by enabling sales reps to perform critical and frequent call report tasks on the go, while a new Mobile Commissions app enhances sales performance management by allowing the sales reps to review their compensation anywhere, any time. The latest additions build on an extensive range of mobile capabilities already available in the Oracle Sales Cloud including the Deal Management app, Oracle Voice app and the Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile app.
To help organizations further enhance selling experiences, Oracle has also updated Oracle Commerce Cloud. New visual merchandising and automated recommendation capabilities enable merchandisers to better understand the consumer experience and offer more responsive personalized interactions. In addition, a new release of Oracle CPQ Cloud helps organizations optimize commerce across channels by providing support for flexible document generation. The new Document Designer provides new drag and drop capabilities as well as new organization and execution tools.
In order to further help organizations enhance the on location customer experience, Oracle has also introduced new field service capabilities within the Oracle Service Cloud. A new release of Oracle Field Service Cloud enables customer service professionals to leverage time-based, predictive, self-learning technology to create the most efficient job schedules and travel routes for field resources. By enabling organizations to optimize field resources, the new release helps ensure the right field resource arrives to every job on time with the parts and knowledge required to meet the customers’ expectations.
The enhancements to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite also include new innovations and integrations within the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The latest additions empower consumer marketers to take advantage of powerful data insights to orchestrate and optimize the customer experience across marketing channels and enable business-to-business marketers to take a holistic approach to account-based marketing that improves results across the entire buyers’ lifecycle. For further details on the additions to the Oracle Marketing Cloud, please visit the Oracle Newsroom.
“Digitally empowered consumers demand personalized, engaging and consistent experiences whenever and however they interact with a brand, and organizations that fail to deliver risk losing revenue opportunities and ultimately market share,” said Rondy Ng, Oracle SVP. “To help organizations meet these increasing expectations, we have developed a complete customer experience suite that supports the whole lifecycle of customer interactions. With industry leading solutions across sales, commerce, service and marketing, Oracle is uniquely positioned to help organizations transform the customer experience and drive measurable results across every customer interaction.”
“Consumer expectations in the electronics industry have never been higher” said Scott Strickland, Chief Information Officer for Denon + Marantz Electronics.  “Creating a consolidated view of our end consumer’s journey – from tracking the frictionless initial sale to understanding their positive customer service experience to engaging via successful marketing campaigns and social media  – is our goal.  The Oracle CX Cloud Suite provides an integrated, cloud based solution that allowed us to exceed this goal and has quickly scaled with our business.”
Part of Oracle Applications Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud Suite empowers organizations to improve experiences, enhance loyalty, differentiate their brands, and drive measurable results by creating consistent, connected, and personalized brand experiences across all channels and devices. The Oracle CX Cloud Suite includes Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud.
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