Voiceworks hosts Meetup PolderPHP

Tuesday, October 6th, Voiceworks hosts the second edition of the PolderPHP. Mitchell van Wijngaarden will speak about event sourcing and our developers will attend the Meetup and share their knowledge as well.
Mitchell van Wijngaarden is an independent developer, consultant and member of the Big Name develop collective. He likes to experiment with new techniques and will share his knowledge about event sourcing with around 30 technicians.
Voiceworks hosts this innovative Meetup because we believe it is important to support and invest in events where knowledge is shared.
The event will start at 7 pm, there will be a 45 minutes reception with food and drinks. Between 7.45 and 8.30 pm Mitchell van Wijngaarden will share his view about innovative techniques. From 8.30 pm on, it is time for knowledge sharing!
The PolderPHP communication will be adapted to the languages of the people who are present.
Looking for more information or do you want to go? Join and sign up.
Location: Voiceworks

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