What the FCC is doing to protect your phone number from scammers who want to hijack it, iconectiv Podcast

In this podcast, we explore with iconectiv’s Chris Drake how fraudsters are exploiting phone number hijacking (account takeover), and how businesses, the FCC and service providers are responding.

The phone number is now the gateway to someone’s entire digital identity, tying to just about every facet of their life. In this podcast, Chris Drake, Senior Vice President at iconectiv, tells us how fraudsters are exploiting this, and what businesses and regulators are doing to address the problem.

“The phone number is the key personal identifier for everyone and the fraudsters know it,” says Drake. “If a scammer gets a hold of someone’s number, they can leverage it to gain access to their bank accounts and, potentially, steal their identity.”

iconectiv provides services to secure digital identity, numerous data exchanges, registries, and other information as a service. These address numbering intelligence, Know Your Business (KYB), and fraud prevention, as well as network and operations management for the global communications industry. It provides numbering services in more than a dozen countries, including serving as the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for the United States. As a trusted partner of the communications ecosystem, iconectiv is dedicated to keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing. This includes making sure incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages are verified and identified, and that communications service providers can trust the information in their systems and networks.

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